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Socket M2 is expected to show up during the second quarter of 2006, and even if AMD is mainly going to use the platform for their high-end CPU’s, it seems like the Socket M2 is going to affect all AMD’s CPU-series. Already during the next year AMD is going to launch CPU’s in the budget and mid-range sections for Socket M2. A move which should lower the production costs for AMD’s processors when they go for the all new 940-pin platform for their entire range of CPU’s. As the Socket M2 is launched during the next year, todays Socket 939 and Socket 754 are going to stay until the end of 2006.

But if AMD really does move all their CPU’s to Socket M2 it will probably mean that the older platforms will vanish relatively quick from the consumers market.

”AMD’s Socket M2 CPU line will originally target the high-end market, the makers said, noting that the chip vendor has informed them that the 940-pin platform will also be released for the mainstream and entry-level segments next year. AMD is now delivering samples of the next-generation CPU to its downstream customers, the makers added.”

Source: DigiTimes

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