AMD has been looking for a new VP and leader since Dirk Meyer left earlier this year. It seems that the reason it hasn’t found a replacement is that everyone has turned it down. AMD has interviewed several big names in the IT industry, e.g. Apple, Oracle and EMC, but no catch.

AMD is a smaller company than the above mentioned and that it is hunting names in the top ranks in bigger companies could result in new contacts and networks, but it makes it much harder to find someone who eill accept, although it is admirable of AMD to be trying.

The information was published by Bloomberg and points out Tim Cook (chief operating officer at Apple), Mark Hurd (co-chairman at Oracle and previous HP CEO), Patrick Gelsinger (chief operating officer at EMC and previous Intel CTO) and Greg Summe (managing director at Carlyle Group). All have turned AMD down and AMD has lost 8.3% of its stock value in 2011 after the lengthy search, but it is no desperate to find a replacement for Meyer, but it would be nice if someone could step up fairly soon.

“The search is obviously a priority and the board is moving the process forward to ensure that we select a person with the right vision, experience and track record to lead AMD into the future and to create increased shareholder value over time,” said Drew Prairie, a spokesman for AMD

AMD is currently run by the board and Thomas Seifert, previous chief financial officer at AMD and interim VP. A position that Seifert confirms is just temporary until a new VP has been located. Something both stockholders and fans would like to see soon since AMD is about to enter its most important period in a very long time.

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