Ultrabooks is Intel’s word for ultrathin notebooks and the next big step in the computer industry. There should be at least 75 Ultrabooks on the market in 2012 all based on Intel technology, but also AMD has a lot coming, but under another ”name”.

Ultrabook is Intel’s brand and it is Intel that sets the specifications for an Ultrabook. Everything from external measurements, to weight, battery time and to some degree functionality is dictated by Intel. The Ultrabook concept is a welcomed addition to the market where we have had about the same notebooks for many years now.

AMD has so far not released any concrete information on any similar concepts and when we ask them all we hear is silence. Digitimes reports that AMD has some similar coming, but with AMD inside the name will be Ultrathin, not Ultrabook. When Intel launches Ivy Bridge in April, Ultrabooks are expected to cost around 799 – 999 dollar. AMD’s alternative will be 10 – 20 percent cheaper.

Exactly what defines Ultrathin (a thin computer with AMD) is so far unclear, but there is talk about AMD allowing more than Intel is, which would give manufacturers greater possibilities. This could be both for better and for worse, but it completely depends on how AMD has defined an Ultrathin.

Similar computers with AMD will appear later this year

AMD has had a hard time to get manufactursr to believe in its platforms, especially on the mobile side. There is already 20 units planned for 2012, which is a lot less than the 75 units Intel is hoping for. The names mentioned for AMD is HP, Acer and ASUS. The new computers from AMD will sport a 17W version of the coming Trinity APU that is slated to appear this summer.

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