AMD has revealed bits on its plans for the future and the Fusion APU concept. The company presented the mobile Brazos platform with the APUs Zacate and Ontario yesterday, and in 2012 we can expect the successors code-named Krishna and Wichita that will increase the number of Bobcat cores to four with new manufacturing technology.

AMD’s new mobile circuits will be made with 28nm technology, which will be a big step up from the 40 technology used by Zacate and Ontario. The more efficient technology will enable AMD to install more cores and 1-4 cores will be the standard for the next generation mobile Fusion APUs. 

The integrated graphics processor will of course support DirectX 11, but if and when what other improvements we will see is uncertain. Exactly when we can expect the next generation is uncertain, but hopefully in the first half of 2012.


Noteworthy is that Krishna and Wichita looks to focus more on the growing tablet market.




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