AMD has staged the first update of the ultramobile platform Brazos. The processor manufacturer has launched three new Zacate and Ontario processors where the common nominator is Turbo Core for dynamic performance boosts. The top model AMD E-450 also brings higher frequencies and support for DDR3-1333 memory.

AMD E-450 will be the spiritual successor to E-350 that launched in January 2011. The new Zacate model gets both higher CPU and GPU clock frequencies, but the nominal frequencies are only slightly upgraded since the big boost comes from Turbo Core. The two Bobcat cores of E-450 operate 1.65 GHz, which is just slightly higher than 1.6 GHz of E-350, while the 80 Radeon cores of the GPU gets a boost to 508 MHz from 492 MHz.

AMD Turbo Core will NOT affect the frequency of the CPU cores but the implementation of AMD’s new Zacate flagship is only for the GPU. In the case AMD E-450, Turbo Core can push the GPU frequency from 508 MHz up to 600 MHz, which according to AMD will result in a performance boost of around 22% over AMD E-350.

amdfusionAMD has beside a quicker GPU also baked in official support for DDR3-1333 memory, which will push performance another 10%. Last but not least the new trio of Fusion processors also support HDMI 1.4a which adds full support stereoscopic 3D.

The specified power consumption is the same at 18 watt for the new Zacate models AMD E-450 and AMD E-300, and 9 watt for the new top model of the Ontario family AMD C-60.

AMD C-60 only one with CPU Turbo Core

AMD E-300 and AMD C-60 both have two Bobcat cores but where E-300 only has locked frequencies at 1.33 GHz CPU and 488 MHz GPU, AMD C-60 has full support for Turbo Core. The CPU cores can increase its nominal frequency at 1.0 GHz to 1.3 GHz while the GPU can go from 276 MHz to 400 MHz.

Also these models have support for DDR3-1333, HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort++. Notebooks and other products with the new processors will be on the market soon.


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