AMD is expected to slap everything integrated graphics around at the launch of the Fusion architectyre. First up will be the mobile circuits Ontario and Zacate. It seems that the graphics portion of Zacate will be powerful enough to run StarCraft II with Medium settings.

The information was supplied anonymously to German hardware site and reveals nothing about the other system settings, like resolution or for that matter the resulting FPS. But would AMD get out an integrated graphics circuit, that in notebooks can power run the fastest selling realtime strategy game ever with decent settings it will have no problem with selling chips.

Zacate will, just like Ontario, be made with 40 nanometer technology and the CPU portion builds on AMD’s Bobcat architecture. According to the information that has leaked Zacate and Ontario will be the same silicon, but have different clock frequencies and voltages.


Zacate will be the most powerful of the two with a power consumption of at most 18 watt, while Ontario will consume only half of that; 9 watt. The silicon, containing both CPU, GPU and memory controller, measures only 15x15mm and is below compared to two other AMD circuits.

AMD Zacate/Ontario vs. RV810 GPU vs. Phenom II X4 CPU (Source:


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