Apple has signed an exclusive deal with Liquidmetal Technologies and secured a new amorph alloy technology that will probably find its way into/around new products. Apple is widely known for adapting cutting edge industry designs.

Apple has raised the bar several times for how a company can integrate physical and aesthetical aspects into a working design. The unibody constructions made from solid aluminum blocks are still a delight to see, even though there are drawbacks.

Liquidmetal Technologis has developed a amorph metal alloy that will be more elastic, stiffer, harder and more corrosion resistant and have better acoustic properties compared to other competing metals.

The deal with Liquidmetal Technologies has resulted in Apple acquiring more or less all immaterial assets of the company and Apple controls who else gets to use the technology.

In theory Apple should be able to explore new shapes and functions with its industry design and continue its work with metals where many competing companies still use plastic.

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