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Archos 704-WiFi is a so called PMP (Portable Media Player) but this one is a little more than just that. Archos has a lot of experience with these kind of players and this time it has gone all the way. Archos 704-WiFi is namely equipped with a 7″ touchscreen and full WiFi support. The display has a resolution at 800×480 pixels, 16 million colors and the total size of the player with the 7″ large display is 5×7″, which is about the same as a regular photograph. It’s somewhat heavier though with its 22 ounces/625 grams. Archos 704-WiFi is following the same path as the 604-WiFi and brings support for video (MPEG-4, WMV, WMV DRM, H.264, MPEG-2) music and pictures.

The player has also been equipped with two speakers so that those who want can share the audio from their videos or music. Archos has also designed the player with support for online stores, which makes it possible to download material directly on to the player.

By using it together with ARCHOS DVR Station you can take control of your TV as it lets you play back your videos on your TV set. Or you can record what’s shown on the TV.  

Archos 704-WiFi is available in two flavors; one with a 40GB harddrive and one with a 80GB harddrive. The first costs €499 while the latter costs €549. The battery time will according to Archos be about 25 hours when playing music and five hours when watching movies. Both can be purchased at Archos today.

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