Arctic Cooling, now known as ARCTIC, has released a new graphics card cooler for the most power hungry graphics cards on the market. Accelero Xtreme Plus II is compatible with most mainstream and performance graphics cards and brings some big numbers.


Accelero Xtreme Plus II sports five 6mm heatpipes that goes through 83 aluminum fins. The cooler comes with three 90mm fans and will according to the specifications will be capable of handling TDPs up to 250W, which is in line with GTX 580 and HD 6970, which are the two most power hungry single GPU graphics cards today.


Most graphics card that can be mounted are on the list, but some of the NVIDIA GeForce cards need an extra mounting kit, sold separately for a small amount. It is a minus that the cooler doesn’t have the components to be mounted on such old graphics cards as GTX 465 and GTX 470.



The cooler is expected to appear in stores by the end of the month and keep the price tag of the previous Accelero Xtreme Plus.

Source: Expreview


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