ARCTIC is best known for its coolers and has a lot of solutions for processors and graphics cards in all price segments. Lately it has been experimenting in other areas, peripheral accessories and such, but now the company is also working on a multimedia-PC.

ARCTIC’s new multimedia PC is so far just in development the only information we have comes from two pictures, and the name MC001. ARCTIC came up with the idea of a multimedia PC early last year and it had several critiera that had to be fullfilled; cheap without performance compromises, high quality components and clean design.



We don’t know what kind of hardware to expect from ARCTIC MC001, but we have to say that the design is clean, as it can easily be mistaken for a DVD or Blu-ray player. ARCTIC MC001 comes with completely passive cooling lakcs fans, but according to the picture it doesn’t look very hot, which could mean the hardware isn’t very high-end?

Launch date and exact price is unknown, but MC001 is a welcomed addition to the market so far.

We have come to this high-technology era when cost, functionality and accessibility have always been a crucial concern for what people consume. To cater for such prevailing preference, manufacturers have launched an extensive array of all-in-one devices. Following a million successful stories, ARCTIC’s engineers have realized the underlying potential of all-in-one device in the home entertainment field. Despite the lengthy process in compiling comprehensive research and gathering hands-on experience in multi-media PC, ARCTIC’s engineers feel the investment is certainly worthwhile.

We came up with the ambition to offer the best-in-class multi-media PC in early 2010. Followed by extensive market research and design efforts, we completed a few sketches for the chassis in a few months. Striving to offer the ultimate bargain without compromising performance, we select the first-class hardware, in terms of quality and performance in the market for today’s consumers.

This enormous project has attracted keen participation from our entire staff. We absorb opinions and carry out modifications which in the end put together our final masterpiece. We experienced failures, faced challenges and came across blind alleys but altogether they add up to become our valuable experiences and motivation to achieve beyond expectations.

With strict quality management, we have done thorough tests to ensure unsurpassed performance.

Adhering to our principle of offering superior PC cooling solutions, we strive to offer the optimal environment for the hardware to unleash its power to the full extent.

It is never too late for an innovation to be born. Expected to be launched at the end of May, ARCTIC’s MC001 is undoubtedly a masterpiece to long for.


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