Microsoft has been very strict with its partners when it comes to showing tablets based on ARM with the coming operating system Windows 8 due to instability. Now ARM and Windows 8 is about to become a pair, and ready to ship to developers.

Supporting ARM with its operating system is without a doubt the biggest mission Microsoft has taken upon itself in many years. To support a new architecture and make it work perfectly is not an asy task, which is why it has not been shown on tablets in this combination in public, also known as WoA, or Windows 8 on ARM.

In February, Microsoft will release the first Beta version of Windows 8, about the same time as the first WoA platforms are shipping to software developers. Currently there is only Microsoft’s own software. It is therefore important that developers gets a development platform as soon as possible, since software from third-party developers is just as important to make a working operating system. Performance of these devices are according to sources ”surprisingly good”.

Windows 8 will be stable for at least two system processors from some of the world’s largest actors like Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and NVIDIA . After what we have seen and heard Qualcomm is most certain behind one of them. It is still unclear when it will launch Windows 8 for ARM, but according to source it will not be long after Windows 8 for x86.


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