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ASUS recently launched a new desktop model of the Eee family and with ASUS Eee Box you get the new ”quick operating system” ExpressGate. The concept also known as Splashtop is a way for users to get faster access to the Internet. Most PC users are used to waiting for several minutes before getting into Windows and have everything up and running. Splashtop is simply a slimmed and trimmed operating system based on Linux that should only take a couple of seconds to start.

ASUS calls its version of Splashtop ”ExpressGate” and over at they have had the chance of taking a closer look at the technology of ASUS Eee Box.

It takes 11 seconds for the system to load the ExpressGate interface. It then takes another 25 seconds to get the integrated web browser started. Except from browsing the web, you can chat, view pictures and chat through Skype. It’s easy to imagine the advantages of a Splashtop, especially if you want quick access to your computer. At the same time it seems like ASUS still has some optimizing to do, both when it comes to features and performance.


Over at you can read about their experiences with ExpressGate and even a video presentation of ExpressGate.


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