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ASUS is riding the wave with its Eee brand and it has really been trying to build pretty much anything with an Atom processor inside of it and call it Eee Something, but it has finally come up with something more decent. ASUS has revealed its concept Eee Keyboard. Eee Keyboard is a neat and sleek keyboard that is in fact a fully fledged PC. ASUS hasn’t just managed to fit all performance components into this slim formfactor, but also installed a 5″ touch screen that can be used for för menu navigation or touchpad. But what makes it even cooler is that it can communicate with other monitors.

Except from a variety of cable interfaces that can be used to connect Eee Keyboard to monitors and TVs, ASUS has also integrated support for Wireless HDMI, which makes it possible to connect your computer (read: Eee keyboard) to any monitor you would like.

There are many uses for ASUS’ new product concept but we’re pretty sure that especially HTPC users will be interested in this little toy. Eee Keyboard looks to sport quite a lot of potential for a tasty Media Center front-end that can be moved around and used with pretty much any TV, monitor or projector which is closest by.


We certainly wouldn’t complain if ASUS managed to get this one out on the market, since a wireless keyboard with a sideshow display would be close to optimal as the stationary HTPC. We hope to hear more about Eee Keyboard soon, especially since the product concept is said to be coming to the market.


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