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ASUS Eee PC was designed as a budget notebook for those who were looking for the basic features and something with a PC feeling to it, but still didn’t want hundreds of dollars for it. For some odd reason, Eee PC has become one of the most popular products to modify, and it’s not uncommon for the modders to spend more money on the modifications than the PC. Another, pimped out Eee PC has appeared at eBay where the major portion of the PC has been dressed in imitation carbon fiber.

The computer was a contribution to the Filipino Eee PC competition ”Dress mEee up” where ASUS’ office in the Philippines was looking for interesting mods of the company notebook. Whether this will be the winning contribution remains to be seen, but those of you who are prepared to pay close to $700 for a unique Eee PC, this is your chance. Except from the carbon fiber, it has some other features that makes it different from the regular Eee PC;

  • Windows XP SP2 OEM
  • Microsoft Office 2003 OEM
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8 GB SSD 
  • Mini Logitech USB mus

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