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ASUS Eee PC more or less created a market of cheap ultraportables. With its neat measurements and low weight it started a wave of ”netbooks”, and the low price was of course a big part of it all. Ironically, ASUS Eee PC is probably one of the most costly projects for the modders, because many have taken it upon themselves to fit the Eee with a lot more features and functions than it had to boot. Everything from GPS receiver to additional USB ports and a modem. A new kind of Eee mod has surfaced and this time it’s the 8.9″ display that gets an overhaul. Over at JKKmobile they’ve namely equipped ASUS Eee PC 900 with a touch screen, which makes it possible to navigate directly on the screen using your fingers.

They haven’t replaced the display, but only attached a 1mm thin touch panel on top of it and then hidden the control unit inside of the computer. They’ve also posted a number of pictures of the mod along with a video which clearly shows how the mod works.

A touchscreen panel like this one seems to cost around $60 on eBay, and it does seem like a fairly easy mod to do. That is if you’re ready to break warranty.



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