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There is no stopping ASUS and the Eee PC concept, and even though there are already 11 different Eee PC-based systems on the market, of varies sizes and shapes, ASUS is planning to launch two additional models in 2008. The new categories will be called Ultimate and Pro Fashion. As the names imply these models will be a bit more exclusive, and expensive, than current Eee PC products. They will sport Intel’s Atom processors and more storage capacity than, either 120GB HDD or 32GB SSD. The widescreen display will measure 10.1″ and have LED backlighting.

The battery time is supposed to be around 4-5 hours and now it seems that ASUS is aiming for the upper segments with its Eee PC design. A rather extraordinary move since this is foremost a family of budget products. Prices of the new Eee PC models will be around $700-900 and at least one of them will appear in September.

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