ASUS Rampage IV Extreme will be one of the killers when it is time for Intel’s LGA2011 platform to be let loose. We have already discussed the broad functionality and now that ASUS’ flagship is in the test lab we can show a bunch of exclusive pictures of the mighty board.

Most details on Intel’s new processor platform is protected by a binding media embargo, but those who wants to learn more about the details surrounding ASUS Rampage IV Extreme we recommend browsing back through our news archive where we have covered the board quite extensively.

We let the pictures speak for themselves.


asus_rampage_iv3  asus_rampage_iv4
 asus_rampage_iv5  asus_rampage_iv7
 asus_rampage_iv8  asus_rampage_iv9


asus_rampage_iv11  asus_rampage_iv12
 asus_rampage_iv13  asus_rampage_iv14
 asus_rampage_iv15  asus_rampage_iv16


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