Some industry people agree Intel has the future formfactor for notebooks with Ultrabooks, and OEMs agree even though the margins are slim to nothing. ASUS has revealed the launch date for its UX series through Facebook, and those who are waiting, it is October 11th.

The ASUS UX series will be coming in two different models. UX21 is a 11.6″ model sporting 1366 x 768, while UX31 will measure 13.3″ and get 1600 x 900 resolution. All models will also sport SSD at 64, 128 or 256 GB depending on price, and 17W Sandy Bridge processor from Intel.

ASUS_UXThe launch day is now set and ASUS is spreading the word through Facebook. On October 11th there will be an event in New York where the UX series will be launched. This means 14 days from now and marks a new era on the notebooks market, or something that will slowly fade like Intel’s CULV innitiative.

We do believe in the Ultrabook concept, but the important is get the price down and not make it an expensive and exclusive product, which is why the CULV platform didn’t quite make it. ASUS has already talked about lower prices in early 2012 with the launch of Ivy Bridge.

Source: ASUS

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