As I’m sure you all know, when AMD transcended to the 0.09u process everything didn’t go as well as we (the overclockers that is) wanted it to. The words ”Cold bugged” appeared more often and it seemed that the integrated memory controller couldn’t handle the cold too well, sadly enough.Symptoms like no boot, unstable CPU’s at high HTT, became usual when dealing with extreme cold. Now, there are a few CPU’s which doesn’t seem to have a so called coldbug and over at a project to decode the stepping of the Athlon 64 CPU’s has started.The stepping contains information like CPU revision, clockspeed, voltage and also what memory controller it uses.The goal is of course to collect enough information to see which CPU’s that are cold bugged, and which ones that are not. One of the project initiators, called s7e9h3n, gives us his thoughts on why the coldbug apperars on some CPU’s and all in all really interesting reading.

Source: Xtremesystems
Database of non-coldbugged cpu’s at Xtremesystems

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