Southern Islands is rumored to become the next generation graphics architecture from AMD and after a long period of silence more rumors have surfaced. AMD has kept the lid on and shown nothing new this year, but is apparently hoping for a launch in 2010.

The information was published at German hardware site Computer Base and it says that Southern Islands is coming along according to plans and that AMD is aiming for a launch in 2010, maybe even for Fall. 

The architecture was hinted to be based on the Evergreen architecture in earlier rumors and by the looks of it now it will be an update where the efficiency and performance of the chip has been revised without any major overhauls.

The reason AMD has been playing it cool with an update of Evergreen, that launched back in October 2009, is that it is still feeling pretty good about its position on the market. NVIDIA just recently got the Fermi architecture out to customers and even if it performs well it has some serious problems with efficiency and the selection of hardware is pretty slim. Hopefully we get to see some new chips from AMD before Winter.

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