BenQ is one the leading manufacturers of optical units and during Computex it has revlealed a new kind of optical unit. Namely a miniburner for both CD and DVD. The unit is called ”The Pocket Writer” and both plays and burns 3.2″ optical discs. In other words no ordinary CD/DVD discs at (4.7″/12cm). Three different versions will be available where PW100 supports the CD-format, PW200 supports DVD and PW300 will support Sony’s Blu-ray format. The unit also supports USB On The Go whcih makes it possible for users to transfer files directly from other USB-units. The 3.2″ CD-discs can store up to 200MB while the DVDs can store up to 1.4GB. This looks quite interesting for those who are on the move and needs efficient backup solutions.

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