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BestLink is a Hong Kong-based company that has announced a different kind of budget laptop, DesktopLinux reports. While most other budget ultramobile laptops are based on regular, but extremely cheap PC hardware, BestLink has turned to Ingenic Semiconductor and its 400MHz 32-bit RISC XBurst CPU. This means that the only kind of Windows you can run on it is Windows CE, but most flavors of Linux will run just fine. The XBurst processor supports SIMD instructions and sports low power requirements according to Ingenic.

The computer is called Alpha 400 and is shipped with 128MB RAM and up to 2GB of flash storage, which can be upgraded via the SD card slot. The 7″ display has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. It has two USB ports, Ethernet port, mic and headphone jacks, and a mouse port.

BestLink Alpha 400 ships with its ultramobile laptop with Linux (not specified) with most of the essentials preinstalled; for Office work, Xiptech’s Xip Word and Xip Table (MSOffice compatible), web browser with Flash, chat client, media playback, e-mail client and the rest.  

BestLink Alpha 400 measures 8.3×5.6×1.3 inches (21×14,2×3,3cm) and weighs 1.5lbs (680 grams). The price is $250, or $180 in quantities of 100.

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