BitFenix continues their investments in computer-chassis and now the manufacturer launch their Prodigy model as seen to todays market comes at the exact right time. BitFenix Prodigy aims for the space-constrained mini-ITX format, but also makes room for powerful components.

BitFenix Prodigy as we said only supports mini-ITX motherboards, but with an increasing focus on this handy form factor from the motherboard manufacturers this doesn’t feel like a too big limitation, not even within the gaming segment. Prodigy has a somewhat different design where at least yours truly feel that they have succeeded with the combination of elegance and functionality with the integrated handles. The mini-ITX-chassi is manufactured with steel and plastic and measures 250 x 404 x 359 millimeter (9,84 x 15,90 x 14,13 inches). This isn’t the smallest mini-ITX chassi on the market, but thinking of how much you can fit under the hood, it is probably something that most people can bear with.


Prodigy has room for an optical 5,25-inch drive and actually five internal 3,5-inch devices with the chassis modular hard drive-case, FlexCage. Plus the possibility to install five 2,5-inch SSD units in the chassis side even with the FlexCage removed from the chassi. If you remove the top part of the hard drive-case you can fit a graphics card upto 320 mm (~12,59 inches) into it, if you also remove the bottom-part you can also fit a 240 mm (~9,44 inches) radiator into the frontpanel


”The wave of enthusiast class mini-ITX motherboards is upon us, and with Prodigy, users finally have a case to match,” säger BitFenix produktansvarige David Jarlestedt. ”No longer will users have to choose between compact size and blazing performance. With Prodigy, mini-ITX users can finally have it all.”


BitFenix has made room for a full-size ATX power supply, and the mini-ITX motherboard is actually mounted horizontally above the power supply. With this design there is also room for a CPU-cooler at up to 161 mm (~6,33 inches) plus a graphics card at earlier mentioned 320 mm (~12,59 inches).

BitFenix_Prodigy_Midnight_Black BitFenix_Prodigy_Midnight_Black3
BitFenix_Prodigy_Midnight_Black8 BitFenix_Prodigy_Midnight_Black7

The cooling is managed by two included 120 mm-fans, one in the front and one in the back. Apart from those you can add up to three additional fans. Worth noticing is that the frontpanel is prepared for two 120mm-fans, or a single fan on upto 230 mm.


BitFenix Prodigy also arrives with USB 3.0 and HD-audio connections on the side of the chassi where we also find the power and reset-button. BitFenix Prodigy should be available on the market in early June in two different versions, Midnight Black and Arctic White and gets a price tag of approximately €69 in the EU and $79 in North America.


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