We reported last week that Bulldozer has been postponed and according to those rumors it was because of subpar performance. Initially it was intended that Bulldozer would launch at Computex, or during E3 in the middle of June, but now it looks like July is the hottest option.

There have been rumors of problems with Bulldozer where all processors of the Ax and B0 steppings have had performance issues, but this was supposed to be fixed with B1 that is circulating at AMD and testers. The reason for the delay is that AMD is waiting for yet another stepping called B2 and hopes to get even more performance from Bulldozer.

A new stepping of a circuit means more or less identical base, but bugs and errors have been corrected and the chip has been further optimized, the latter in terms of power consumption mainly. That it is waiting for a B2 stepping implies AMD has problems with reaching the clock frequencies it wishes at a desired TDP.


AMD’s new APU architecture Llano on the other hand is on schedule and expected to launch in June.

Source: Anandtech


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