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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the world’s largest events for home electronics. Each event the manufacturers/contenders tries to outshine the rest by trying to present the most extreme products. Both LG.Philips and Samsung have now announced that they will display a, the least to say, large amount of LCD TVs and monitors at this year’s first CES in Las Vegas. LG.Philips will have a 100″ LCD TV, the world’s largest, in its booth and to complete the collection it will also bring a big series (37″, 42″, 47″ & 52″) of LCD panels with 1080p support. It will also have its first 30″ TFT LCD monitor on display and a long row of LCD TVs with a heavily optimized power consumption.

Samsung will have a few different things to show, first of all the dual-side LCD monitor we earlier reported about and the largest retail LCD TV at 70″ with full HD support. It will also display a 52″ LCD TV with a 120Hz update frequency to follow up the success with the previous models at 40″ and 46″.


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