Besides thinner designs Intel is also trying bing forth difference devices within the Ultrabook concept. When we sat down with Intel it showed a concept design with detachable screen, quite similar to ASUS Transformer.

Intel hopes that Ultrabooks will eliminates the border between notebooks and tablets, and besides energy efficient platforms it requires new designs. Most perhaps know of ASUS Transformer, which is a tablet with a docking keyboard, which literally makes it a notebooks. Intel has developed something similar together with Compal.

Besides showing what we believe is the next generation in ASUS UX series, there was talk about the so called Ultrabook hybrids with screens that pivots,can lean back 360 degrees or even detach.

The concept design from Intel and Compal allows for just lifting the screen to get a tablet where the processor and SSD is integrated. They keyboard houses an extra battery for longer battery times when docked, a mechanical drive for extra storage . The most impressive with this prototype is that it is powered by current generation Sandy Bridge processors, and still manages to build a design that is nearly as thin as the ARM-based tablets.

hybrid2 hybrid4

Something else that is not mentioned too often is that Intel has been developing wireless electricity for a long time. Intel Wireless Charging is intended to charge a mobile phone without cord, considering it supports the technology.

This particular product will not be reaching the market, but several OEM manufacturers have similar models coming. Once again it will take some time before we see these hybrids, since Windows 8 with the new Metro interface is just sa important as the hardware from Intel and system builders.

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