Case maker Chieftec had its glory days, around these parts, back during the beginning of the millennium, but have lately been overshadowed by the competition. It is determined to change this and break new ground with several new products in power supplies, cases and storage, and an overall broader assortment. All of that aside, the Beer PC appealed to us the most.

Ben Hsieh from the German Chieftec office offered the entire NordicHardware crew some of the German national beverage from the tap of one of its own cases. With two front panels, one looking like a regular PC, and one with a beer tap this was without a doubt one of the most innovative products of the entire event, and that is actually a reflection upon the entire event.

A regular case?

Not even close!

Chieftech is very serious about its return though and beside the new USB 3.0 cabinets we told you about before the event we got to see a load of cases, ranging from gaming to more stylish products. There were even some completely passive models that we really hope to see more of. Chieftech’s passive mini-ITX case will cost around 200 euro, which is really very acceptable considering the construction needed to succeed with a completely passive system.

Some of Chieftec’s HTPC cases

Chieftec’s new completely passive mini-ITX  cases with plenty of heatpipes

Chieftec’s passive solution in micro-ATX format

Cases abundance in Chieftec’s booth

The external USB 3.0 storage solutions


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