Chinese graphics card maker Colorful has revealed details on its latest version of AMD Radeon 7870. Colorfire Radeon HD 7870 XStorm offers tweaked frequencies and a daughter card with an extra power supply that goes on the back of the card.

ColorFire Radeon HD 7870 XStorm is now officially launched and brings a whole lot of interesting functions. ColorFire XStorm HD 7870 ships with a factory overclock, where the GPU is set to 1050 megahertz and the memories to 1250 megahertz, 5 000 megahertz effectively. With 2 GB GDDR5 the card will be able to run high resolutions with ease.



There are also two BIOS chips, which will be appreciated by overclockers; one with the factory overclocked profile and then AMD’s reference profile. The card collects fuel from two 8-pin PCIe power connectors, instead of two 6-pin. To give the ”Pircairn” GPU some more leg room  the card has a 8+1+1 VRM design. This can be improved through a expansion card with four extra power phases for even more juice. The expansion card has its own passive cooling.

NjktW To keep the temperatures at bay the card comes with a large heatsink that covers the entire circuit board and takes up two expansion slots. The cooler has five 8 millimeter nickel-coated copper heatpipes. On top of the heatsink sits a 120 millimeter fan. The cooler also comes with a backplate that covers the entire back side of the card and a support handle for workstations and Apple Mac Pro.


The video outputs are represented by two DVI connectors and one HDMI and one DisplayPort. Sales have already started, but just in China for the moment and it remains to be seen if the card will reach outside of Asia.

Source: Videocardz

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