Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager for Intel’s Mobile Platforms Group, leader for the team who designed the much credited Pentium-M architecture, is now letting us know a little bit more on these new Intel cores(Conroe and Merom). These new cores will feature a new design currently called Next-Generation Micro-Architecture, it will probably get a more catchy name later. This architecture only has 14 pipeline stages instead of the P4’s 31, and will therefor have a much higher IPC(instructions per clockcycle). It will feature the same branch prediction as the P4’s and will allow the CPU to issue four instructions per clock instead of the P4’s three. The Dual Core CPU’s is said to have 4MB of unified cache, shared between the cores to improve single threaded application performance. This will be very interesting to see if they really are going to be 20% faster than the fastest AMD. As AMD has it’s integrated memory controller and soon will move over to DDR2, but we’ve already seen the magic they did on the Pentium-M. Let’s hope this will be something similar, but better.

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