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Nintendo Wii has been a very hot topic due to its unique and innovative controller that with motion sensors will be able to offer a completely new gaming experience. Sony realized, most likely very late, that Nintendo was on to something big here and decided to integrate its own support for motion sensors with its PlayStation 3 console. Also PS3 has been discussed because of its controller, but then from a different perspective. Now that is has switched back from the ”boomerang” to a design very similar to the good ol’ PS2 controller it has made things a lot easier. But it managed to surprise many with its integrated motion sensors, just as many who were surprised the controller lacked the rumble feature, this includes developers.

Without a doubt, a lot of a video game console’s success is dependent on the controller and over at Engadget they’ve therefore done a comparison between Nintendo Wii’s and PlayStation 3’s controllers after testing them both at E3. The conclusion is hardly astonishing, but even if Sony has had time to refine the use of motion sensors developers are left behind, which hopefully will change.


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