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Cooler Master recently announced a new processor cooler that is clearly something else. The cooler is called V10 200+W Hybrid T.E.C. cooler and sports a big aluminum heatsink with a copper base where the heat is transferred from the base to the heatsink with 10 heatpipes. The somewhat exaggerated specifications are there for a specific reason. The cooler uses a Peltier element for optimizing the cooling of the processor, but rated at only 70W the Peltier element will provide a working temperature between 25-70°C.

As the name implies the cooler is said to be able to handle as much as 200W and should therefore be capable of cooling even the hottest processors around, even overclocked. With two 120mm fans keeping the heatsink cool it all looks promising.

Over at TweakTown they have published a review of the massive cooler that looks more like a spaceship than a cooler. Alas the cooler doesn’t really deliver performance beyond regular high-end coolers and the Peltier doesn’t really seem to add much since there was only 3°C difference with it on or off. For a processor cooler costing close to $140 it gets a bit hard to justify. Cooler Master gets a star for creative thinking though.

The entire review can be found at TweakTown.


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