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Already at Computex 2009 in June we got the first hints of Coolink’s coming products and one of the was the new fan series SWiF2. Coolink has officially launched the new series of fans and presented some interesting news. The fans of the SWiF2 series has a characteristic design with easy-to-spot lime green fan blades. According to Coolink the new fans have more than exciting colors to offer.

Coolink has tuned the design of the design of the fans where the 80mm and 92mm models are simply improved versions of the previous fan designs. Both models are quieter and more reliable.

The real trump of the collection is the 120mm model that has 11 fan blades for up to 40% better airflow/noise ratio than the precursor of the SWiF series.


Each of the SWiF2 fans is available in three versions: Whereas the PWM version offers a flexible speed range and automatic mainboard speed control, which makes it the ideal choice for CPU cooling applications, the two 3-pin versions are perfect for silent enthusiasts who demand extremely quiet operation.

Prices are $120-150 depending on size. More information at Coolink’s website.


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