Corsair had some help from overclockerMatthias ”Mat” Zronek to break new records for its DDR3 memories. Corsairs Dominator GTX6 was run in dual channel at over 3000 MHz with both CL7 and CL8 timings, making the frequencies all the more impressive.

Together with a fresh Intel Core i7 870 CPU and liquid nitrogen the two Corsair GTX6 memory modules was pushed to 3 078,2 MHz at CL8 (8-11-8-31, 1T), and 3 059,4 MHz at CL7 (7-11-8-31, 1T).

The remaining components consisted of a Gigabyte P55A-UD7 motherboard and a LN2 pot for memories by Besi, which took the memory modules to an efficient temperature of -90 degrees Celsius.



The DDR3 technologies is not expected to be specified by JEDEC higher than 2133 MHz, but there is room for more with today’s extreme memory modules. In 2015 DDR4 is expected to appear with clock frequencies up to 4266 MHz.


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