Lenovo has presented a new smartbook based on the ARM archicture. After archiving the first concept Lenovo Skylight in the circular archive, a new model with a Cortex A8 CPU has appeared.

Freescale Sabre is the name of the hardware platform and the heart of the SoC is iMX515, an ARM-based Cortex A8 CPU with 256KB L2 cache and DDR2-400 RAM support. The processor is backed up by a NEON co-processor and circuits for handling multi-channel audio, Fast Ethernet and integrated 3G-modem, USB ports and SDHC memory card reader.

The GPU supports playback of High Definition video at 720p resolution, and OpenGL / ES. Freescale uses its own solution for controling the power consumption of the circuit and according to the manufacturer the SoC is so cool that you don’t even need a heatsink.



Lenovo’s new Ideapad smartbook is made by Pegatron and we’re intested in seeing if this model will make it to market. Prices and detailed specifications are still abscent..



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