Crysis 2 was launched as the successor to one of the demanding games ever created. When it became clear that the game would not get DirectX 11 support critics were not far away. Electronic Arts and Crytek have now released an update for the game that adds the much wanted and more advanced DirectX 11 effects.

Crysis 2 Ultra Upgrade is the name of the update for the first person shooter that adds fresh graphics for an overall better and more visual experience, and putting more pressure on our systems of course.

The update is numbered patch 1.9 and will be available from June 27 as an automatic update for the game and weighs in at 2.32 GB. The patch brings a whole lot of different DirectX 11 effects and here are some;

  • Tesselation + Displacement Mapping
  • Tesselation FFT (fast fourier transform) water simulation
  • Particle motion blur (such as sparks)
  • Sprite-based bokeh depth-of-field
  • Particle shadows
  • Shadows with variable penumbra
  • Water interaction – sub-surface scattering and wave crest foam appoximation using the domain shader
  • Real-time local reflections (RLR) – Approcimates ray traced HDR reflections local to objects

The high resolution textures in the update also raise the requirement for the graphics card and you need 1GB of graphics memory for the best possible experience.

Those who wants to see the new DirectX 11 effects and how they improve the game can watch the DirectX 11 11 trailer that Electronic Arts has released. More information on the image comparisons can be found at NVIDIA’s website.


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