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DisplayPort is a video interface which is considered a likely successor to the VGA and DVI formats used today. DisplayPort is a competitor to the HDMI interface which has found its way onto the computer market as well now. DisplayPort has now taken a big step forward toward becoming fully competitive by updating the specifications of the interface. DisplayPort 1.1 namely sports HDCP for transfers of copyrighted digital audio and video signals. Would VESA approve of the new specification, DisplayPort will support HDCP 1.3 and therefore a possible interface for PCI Express graphics cards.

”According to VESA, the DisplayPort 1.1 proposal has the backing of AMD/ATI, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, NVIDIA, Samsung and others. The 1.1 spec is a stepping stone to DisplayPort 2.0, which is due to be defined next year.”

As we’ve earlier reported it seems that the first components using the DisplayPort interface appear already next year, which we assume is based on the fact that the 1.1 specification is approved, while working on the final 2.0 specification.


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