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Solid State Drive will certainly be one of the hottest terms on the PC market the coming years and the SSD units that will certainly grab more and more market shares of the mechanical harddrive market brings many advantages. The primary is that it is a form of electric storage, I.e. there is no mechanics which can fail or introduce delays. The SSD units which are made today commonly use NAND flash for storage, which results in both fast access times and relatively good transfer rates. But regular flash memory works as well and this is something GeekStuff4U has taken advantage of. It has namely launched ”SD to SSD.”

In short, it’s a device with four SD slots where you can insert up to four SD memory cards at 2GB each and then plug it into the computer just like any other IDE harddrive. A concept similar to the RAM memory harddrives we’ve seen. This DIY version of a SSD harddrive is shipped without memory cards and that should point to a fairly low price, but according to GeekStuff4U the price is a 258 USD, which is excluding the memory card costs. It will most likely be better and cheaper to wait for the commercial SSD units to arrive later this year, but those who feel like bragging to the gang should perhaps take a look.


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