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GeCube seems to be the first to launch a video card with dual ATI Radeon circuits which was just a matter of time now with NVIDIA’s aggressive stance on dual GPU video cards. According to X-bit Labs GeCube has plans for launching a dual GPU Radeon X1600 XT card at $399, a card that should make its debute in April already.

“We’ll be releasing a dual-GPU graphics card, which we’ve tentatively named ‘Gemini’. It’ll be based on the [Radeon] X1000 series GPU from ATI and will have four DVI output ports,”

A step in the same direction as NVIDIA seems to be heading as it is about to launch its Quad SLI.

Just as NVIDIA’s partners (ASUS, Gigabyte) started with dual GPU video cards based on the mid end circuit GeForce 6600 it seems that ATI and GeCube is focusing on the cheaper circuits. Even if the performance of a dual GPU card with two X1600XT circuits perhaps isn’t breathtaking the fact that the card has four DVI outputs is something hat might attract a few buyers.


Source: X-bit Labs


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