Swedish overclocking ace Jon ”elmor” Sandström followed up his victory in SMPC2010 with new scalps on the International scene. During the weekend elmor and Kinc broke the world record in 3DMark Vantage Performance, using a seriously overclocked Intel Core i7-990X CPU and record fast ASUS GTX580 Direct CU II.

Intel’s new processor flagship operate at 3.46 GHz byt default, but using liquid nitrogen they managed to reach 6,139 MHz and the card from ASUS continues to show the potential of NVIDIA’s GF110 GPU. Also ASUS GeForce GTX 580 Direct CU II was given the LN2 treatment and reached frequencies of 1,504 MHz GPU and 5,012 MHz memory.

Elmor and Kinc reached a score of P45819 in 3DMark Vantage Performance, which is a devastating record considering results with a single GPU.


Our own Jonas Klar and NHTV was there during the weekend and hopefully we can take you behind the scenes in the near future. Until then we take our hats off and congratulate elmor and Kinc that once again has broken new ground.


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