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Elonex is yet another company that wants a piece of the budget laptop market. ASUS Eee PC has been a huge success and there are many companies that have similar products in the pipeline. When Intel unveils its new budget and ultraportable platfrom in April, there will also be several budget laptops that will see the light of day. Elonex and its ”One” PC will beat them to the market by a rough two months. On February 28, One will be unveiled sporting not only WiFi and a detachable 7″ monitor, but also a Linux-based operating system.

It has a 1GB built-in storage, but as with all computers you can expand it with a regular USB memory stick. There is a ”high-end” version though, with 2GB storage and Bluetooth. Since it lacks an optical drive, you may want that USB memory to sport more than a few gigabytes.

The target consumer is a young student looking for an affordable PC, but much like the Eee PC, there will most likely be tons of people buying one for the mere joy of owning one. Elonex plans to produce 200,000 units by Summer.

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