Small preview imageA couple of days ago we reported about LaCie that has launched a new monster in its portable storage series Biggest S2S. LaCie’s unit at 2.5TB is perhaps the most impressive a regular user can connect to the home network, but there are of course ”bigger” things available. One of the manufacturers that is aiming towards more capapcity is EMC that recently launched a new unit called Symmetrix DMX-3. This time we are talking about a unit that is suppose to be used in large scale storage systems. At the start of next year Symmetrix DMX-3 will be configured to reach maximum capacity at incredible 1 Petabyte (1024 Terabyte).

This has been achieved by putting together 1920 harddrives at 500GB each. The first model of Symmetrix DMX-3 that has been launched now has ”only” 960 harddrives with a capacity at 300GB (all together 288TB). They actually use a simpler version that rotates at 7200 rpm which means cheaper maintenance. We can surely guarantee that there will be at least one crash a month with over 1000 drives in one system. 

Source: EMC


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