Enermax Platimax is one of the latest power supply series with super high efficiency. Certified for 80 Plus Platinum the units offer efficiencies over 90% and Enermax will introduce models from 500 watt up to 1,500 watt.

Enermax has already rolled out the first three models of the Platimax series and these are found in the higher price range. Enermax Platimax 750W, 850W and 1200W will be on the market today, while other models will be introduced continuously up until the end of November when all models should have arrived.

Enermax has adopted the focus on energy efficiency and by getting the highest 80 Plus certification available for the entire Platimax series, the company says it is first to market with super efficient power supplies in the whole price segment.

The models with 500W to 1000W capacity uses an updated version of Enermax Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology technology (DHT) that was introduced with the older Modu87+ series. When it created the top models at 1200W and 1500W the company decided to use more powerful Full-Zone Magnetic Quadrant Transformer Design (FMQ) that was also used in the MaxRevo series. This improved efficiency and stability.


Enermax Platimax uses 3 to 6 separate 12V rails, while the 1000 watt model that targets serious overclockers uses a single 12V rail for maximal performance during extreme loads.

OIther functions worth mentioning are modular cables and large fans at 139mm with advanced fan controlling for optimized noise levels. Enermax Platimax 750W, 850W and 1200W will be in stores shortly, while other models will come next month.


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