EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Classified looks like one of the most extreme graphics cards of the year. Even though we see quite a lot of custom graphics cards with extra power and rigorous coolers EVGA has gone all the way with Classified. It has three PCIe power connectors, a huge PCB and LEDs for voltages.

EVGA may be a bit late with its extreme GeForce GTX 580, but it has used the time well. The card isn’t launched yet, but it will have a sole GF110 GPU with 512 CUDA cores sitting on a huge PCB. EVGA has let the card grow, height wise, and this was to make room for the extra compoents found on the card.

The power compartment will consist of the latest voltage regulators  and each voltage will have a dedicated light diode for direct level feedback. We also find quick connectors for measuring voltages, which could be needed since it has the sight set on the most extreme overclockers.

580_classified_cardTo make sure the GPU and GDDR5 memory has enough juice the board has three PCIe power connectors, two 8-pin and one 6-pin, which in theory adds up to 450 watt in total.

Dual BIOS circuits and full cover dual-slot cooler tends for excellent overclocking, but we have no word on the clock frequencies, price or availability.





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