AMD’s multi-monitor technology Eyefinity is a very exciting solution for those who want a better gaming experience, but the problem is that our monitors aren’t quite up to the challenge. Broad bezels ruins much of the illusion of a surround vision, something AMD now shows there are solutions for, although expensive ones. During a press event in Santa Clara, USA, the AMD invited companies Scalable and Ostendo to show two exciting Eyefinity solutions.

Scalable used no less than four 1080p projectors and its own software to back-project a raised panel (with seemingly good quality) without bezels.

Ostendo on the other hand offered 270 degrees of gaming with three curved 43″ screens. A model with 2880×900 pixel resolution using back-projected DLP projectors, resulting in  8640×900 pixels in total and the price $19,457. At PC Perspective they have published a video of these more extreme Eyefinity solutions.

{vimeo width=”560″ height=”315″}10637673{/vimeo}

Especially Scalable’s solutions look exciting and even if it should be cheaper than Ostendo’s 270 degree configuration it is neither easy to handle nor cheap, but it has potential.

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Scalable’s solution looked very nice. Takes up a bit of room, but looked really promising otherwise.


Martin L
Martin L

Haha ja både tydligare och omständigare, perfekt för mig!

Usch jag skäms lite grand över kortet faktiskt, men jag kommer inte att hinna göra något riktigt kretskort så det får faktiskt se ut såhär!