Overclocking has gone from a fun hobby to a legitimate sport where not only honour but also money is at stake. We are now reached by news of several big profiles being caught cheating in MSI Lords of Overclocking.

MSI Lords of Overklocking is a global overclocking competition that aimed to qualify competitors to the final of MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2010 in Taipei.

The online competition named MSI Lords of Overclocking has been going for a month and Futuremark has found evidence that several results from multiple users used the same system. This was discovered by not only finding a matching Futuremark key but also the same PCI devices and other components were identical.

The news was first published at HWbot.org and the forum at XtremeSystems.org where they also reveal the names of the five overclockers that were thrown out of the compeition.


AndreYang is without a doubt the bggest name, an overclocker that have been claiming world records over many years and was said to be the one who accomplished the results and then published them as Hiwa, eXtremetweaker.de, KJ and Skinnee.

HWbot.org har has posted a statement saying that the five overclockers will be banned from the site for 1 year, while XtremeSystems takes things one step further and bans AndreYang from the forum for life. A decision taken in conjunction with other participants of MSI Lords of Overclocking.

No matter the sport there are always cheaters and appauling behavior to look out for, even more so when money is invovled. It’s sad to see this happen, but it’s a good thing it was discovered and punished.

Source: HWbot.org and XtremeSystems

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