Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 9 on March 15th, just a week before Mozilla rolled out the final version of Firefox 4.0. The latest reports says that Firefox 4.0, even though it has just been around for a day, is crushing Internet Explorer 9 in the statistics.

Microsoft choice of skipping the backwards compatibility with its own operating system Windows XP has gtiven Internet Explorer 9 a slow start. The week that has passed made IE9 grab 0.87% of all Internet users. You can compare this to the 1.95% that the all fresh Firefox 4.0 grabbed more or less instantaneously yesterday.

According to the numbers published by analyst company StatCounter Microsoft still has the most ”popular” browser with Internet Explorer 8 (29.9%), but despite good reviews the replacement is having a hard time replacing it. 

Noteworthy is that Google’s recently launched browser Chrome 10 has alreadsy climbed to third place with 15.35% of all browsers. 


Both Google Chrome 10 and Firefox 4.0 support Windows XP, which ironically Microsoft’s own browser doesn’t. This plays in IE9’s great disadvantage. It should be said that Microsoft’s users are slow with adapting the latest versino of IE, while Google and Mozilla users are much faster.


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