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Google has come a long way with its Chrome web browser for the PC platform. It also has an open-source project called Chromium the alternative operating systems, like the many Linux-based operating system and Apple’s Mac OS X. Chromium is now starting to gain some momentum after a slow start and over at Ars Technica they have taken a closer look at one of Google’s latest development builds of Chromium.

Over the last couple of weeks they have spent a lot of time to improve the interface, which is based on Apple’s programming environment Cocoa to make it blend better with the Mac operating system.

”Mac users are especially concerned with fit and finish,” explained Senior Software Engineer Amanda Walker. ”And we have paid particular attention to those details while integrating with the OS.”

The article goes deeper into the state of Chromium but also shows how to download and compile the browser. Those who prefer a more careful approach will have to wait for the first public beta version of Chrome for Mac OS X late summer/early fall.

 :: Chrome for OS X: State of the Browser

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