3D, watching movies in 3D or playing games in 3D. 3D is something that has been tested back and forth since the 50’s, but never really took off. 3D have several disadvantages, some experience dizziness, nausea or just general discomfort, while others simple can’t see the 3D effect. One of the concerns is that there is no standard for 3D glasses, something four companies wants to remedy.

Despite all the drawbacks of 3D many companies are still investing in it, everthing from movies to games and hardware to make it work. one of the major drawbacks is that there is no standard for the glasses that is used, which means you need different glasses with different monitors depending on the manufacturer.


A group of four, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and X6D Limited (XPAND3D) have teamed up and started what it calls ”Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative” to remedy this. The idea is to bring forth a standard that will adjust itself to promote 3D in the industry and retail.

The new standard will work with both Blutooth and IR, and apparently the four will adjust the standard to their already exisiting technologies. Considering such large names as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have joined together there is some hope to bring forth a standard others might actually use. The work will start next month already and it hopes to have complete product, and standard next year.

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