Galaxy isn’t just working on perfecting its GeForce GTX 400 graphics card, but also spent time finalizing the dual-GPU GeForce GTS 250 graphics card that it revealed details on back in November 2009. When Galaxy presented the design for a graphics card with dual NVIDIA GPUs most were thinking of GTX 285, but it turned out to be the much simpler GTS 250 GPU.

Galaxy has clocked the two GTS 250 circuits to 675MHz GPU and 1695MHz shader clock frequency. The GDDR3 memory is in turn clocked at 2000MHz and performance is estimated to land between GeForce GTX 260 and GTX 285 with 3DMark Vantage score of  P13964.


So far there is no information on price or availability and to be brutally honest the card is an exciting concept but not really a viable product. Perhaps it can find a niche if Galaxy can price it right.


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