Swedish Gamersgate has announced that it will release an ad-supported program that will allow you to download games free and legal, similar to the success Spotify. It has signed contracts with several of the major game distributors and the first to get a try is USA and Sweden in September.

Gamersgate currently has one of the largest game catalogues online and at a first glance it looks like almost all of the major players can be found at Gamersgate: EA, THQ, SEGA, Ubisoft and Paradox Interactive with more than 3000 titles are there and it estimates that a large portion of these will be available for ”free” soon.

”This is the first service of its kind for computer games. That we’ve managed to sign deals for the American market says a lot about the interest for this kind of services and the biggest publisher in the world believes in us. Gamersgate was one of the first actors to offer games for download. The company has alwats been a forerunner, this time too. This service is the biggest thing that has happened to the games market since Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 were released”, says Theodore Bergquist, VP and owner of Gamersgate.

The idea is very good and it could be an excellent idea for game companies to expose their games and brands, while getting a piece of the ad revenues. The service will be released in Sweden and USA in September and starting next year it hopes to broaden the services to other European countries, but those who are to become beta testers of the services and become one of the lucky can apply HERE.

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